Magic Words… Form Sentences

As I grow older I get to learn from anything around me. Not of things about science but of human nature. The simple reason behind the existence of magic words. Sorry, Thank You and Please. I somehow do regret that I personally forget to say those words. 

Sorry. Sorry is something you say when you did wrong. But the act of doing wrong is vague it encompasses not doing. It also encompasses overdoing something. Sorry is meant for you to communicate to someone that you acknowledge that you have done something wrong may it be  an intentional wrong or just incidental to the whole thing. Saying sorry even if it is not your fault lets you tell them that you recognize the part where you did not make things clear enough to be understood. 

Thank You. Thank you is something you say when you acknowledge the fact that something is worthwhile. It is the basic sign of gratitude you share with other people. And well, gratitude does not necessarily mean that what they did was right but sometimes thank yous are given for the wrongs that were prevented to happen in the process. Thank you is that part of yourself that you share with other people telling them that they have done something to you that made you better.

Please. Please is that humble gesture of asking a favor. It is often for the fact that in what they would be giving or doing, someone would be benefitting it. The magic of which lies in the humility of the person in acknowledging ones help, because something cannot always be done by one alone.

The funny thing about these magic words is that we don’t notice how complete each of it is. These words in it are sentences, complete and enough.


Hardwork? Hardwork!

The current state of our nation and the whole world has kept me doubting. Is hardwork still an option for today’s way of life? Is it still worth it to put in much effort given the things we have now? You can always do or even accomplish something in just one click. Look or promote something through a simple tap on a screen. Everything is right at one’s fingertips therefore is it still necessary to work hard?

For the past few months I allowed myself to partake in a challenge I am not sure whether I could bear, the responsibility to lead one of the student organizations in our college. I never thought that it would be as numbing as this. Problems hit you as fast as it arises… simultaneously. It becomes an endless cycle of stress and fulfillment. That is why as much as I love seeing people work hard for their passion, it awakened the skeptic in me. Will it all be worth it in the end? What if something goes wrong, will it be worth the pain? How does it end? Those were questions in need of concrete answers. Answers, only experiences would provide perfectly. Therefore intent will be the end of the whole skepticism. Can all be really solved by several clicks, posts, likes and shares?

Projects will not always run as planned, nor would there be perfect events. Well, in reality none of it was perfect and yet all were successful. The whole point is that if you believe in whatever it is you’re doing and you are up to the test. There is something great with whatever that is! Hardwork… will definitely cause you something painful, something unforgettable but it need not be something bitter and unpleasant. At the end of the day learning must prevail. As what I’ve learned in my HBO class learning results in a change of behavior. Such behavior may indicate how well you’ve understood the whole thing and how it could possibly change the world.

Hardwork is a trait common to people who value whatever it is that God has given them. Amid all limitations explicitly given, they dare go beyond those and hurdle things even beyond themselves. Yes, definitely our lives have become easier because of access to technology which only exists now. But that does not mean offering limited ingenuity to what you have to offer the world. Technology is a tool to facilitate communication and effort into change that we want to affect.

Hardwork is a method in which one chooses to live life to the fullest. It is the gateway towards no regrets and is the best means to attain a goal sought for.

Love: As Defined by My 20 Years of Existence

In my 20 years of existence without being in a romantic relationship, but in a lot of friendships I learned much about love. I learned that love includes letting go. Letting go, even with your eyes closed because as much as it hurts you… the future and the opportunities of tomorrow are far more greater than what you could give. And in the end the only thing you could ever give is an open hand, free and liberating. Because the choice you made was out of love.

I learned that love is that openness to expose oneself to another. Bold, bare and real… no matter how messed up, how weak, nor how fragile one may be. Because love brings no judgements, it embraces everything especially flaws, shortcomings and imperfections. Love is that constant sense of completeness amid the missing pieces of oneself.
And well love is that compromise that you’d never get tired of doing. Simply because keeping that love brings about the understanding and wisdom of the moment. Specific moments where you consider not only yourself but also the beloved, for you know that it is not only about you anymore. It is about two beings who have the capacity to affect each other’s lives forever. 

As a final note though, just like what they said, “when you love you always win.” That is why I’d like to believe that if you were to make a decision do it with love. 

Dangers of Distance: A Call for Celebration

Distance is a paradox. It can be a hindrance but it can also be an avenue towards far more stronger relationships. Especially when you view it on the perspective of relationships. As we drift apart from other people, yes we do get loose connections. The common consequences include not knowing every single detail on petty things or being updated on the plans of each other. By the way the relationships I am suggesting need not be romantic, may it be just friendship. Going back, oftentimes we see distance as a barrier and even an excuse to totally loosen the connection and even break the whole relationship. 
But that shouldn’t be the case, because distance can also be a tool to build and strengthen relationships. Just like in friendships, when I got separated from my high school friends because of college, each time we see each other is a celebration. Because now we get to understand that we weren’t just friends because of the convenience of seeing each other daily. We are friends because we want to and we chose to. 
Distance heals and ignites. It is like any choice we have that has two outcomes or perspectives. It has its own pros and cons. It is only up to us, whether we want it to take so much from us or give just as much.
To lay it down bluntly, don’t ever let distance narrow you down. Distance makes things more fragile and delicate. This simply shows you what matters. And that the things that matter require effort, patience, and well attention. 
Do not be limited of where you are right now. 

Simply Complexed

Growing up and having to see all the things that you have believed in during the duration of your existence fall apart is just incomprehensible or f*****. I mean it ruins everything. Like a building that gets destroyed in an earthquake until you’ve got nothing left to see but the ground where it used to be. It makes you lost in a momentum where nothing could lead you nowhere, not knowing whether you’re stranded or just stuck. How could things get too complicated when all we have and need is universal. Like then for food and water, which was supposed to be abundant and easily available, be scarce and limited.

How could the simple gestures of love turn into languages too foreign enough to be unknown to anyone. Everything in this world is suppose to be simple, but why, why do we complicate things so much? And why do we keep on choosing to hurt ourselves just to find things we’re looking for, that are just right there? Is growing up this complicated or has the transition of this era brought such complications.

I’m not quite sure whether everyone understands or is it just my humble opinion that about everything today has become too fragile. From the things that we daily use to our daily routines, and well most of all the relationships we have. The desire of people to make things easier leads to exhilarating complexities. I’m not saying that development should not be embraced but I guess the best thing to do is to find the balance in everything.

Unlike before, the hardware we have today easily breaks. Things have become too disposable, and sadly people too. Relationships could easily be established in a click. And well be reversed just the same. Social networking sites allow you to communicate with another person from the other side of the world in a blink of an eye. As unbelievable things are right now, so does the pace of activities get catalyzed.

I am not writing this to criticize nor ridicule nor complain but instead to state that everything happens too quickly. Fast enough to reach our innermost desires and swift enough to take away everything we cherish. And as part of the young people I am asking the elders to please guide us into surviving this era. This is a call for help, not the kind where you scold or rebuke us of our current ways or methods, but that where you show us the core of what this world is about.

The Anthem of a Hard Day’s Work

Have you ever heard your parents snoring? Well I did, oh no wait… I always do. Perhaps you’re wondering why, okay… It’s like this. We live in an old type of condo with a mezzanine. It has two floors and two real rooms upstairs which could be three if we wanted to put a wall in between. I have the inner most “quadrant” which I call my “room” and next to it the “middle quadrant” is my parents’ “room”. It is just one big room altogether you know. And the second real room is my brother’s.

We all sleep on a cushions or mattresses, that’s why we have three of those, somewhat like those in Japan. But recently my parents decided to buy a new bed frame. I am actually neutral about it but the thought of how much space it would take up made me go nuts, making me against it. So anyway, they did… and the people from the store assembled the bed inside the room because transfering it whole through the stairs is just impossible. Well, my dad said he bought it to ease his difficulty getting up (you know signs of aging when you reached 50+ they are always there), convincing all of us that it was a good decision. And… I might just agree with him.

One good thing about the bed frame is my border to privacy – the headboard. Let me remind you that as I have said earlier there are no walls between my room and theirs. I literally had no privacy, but now I do! But only to the extent of the head board. My dad even calls it “double headboard” ecstatically every time! His face suddenly wears a smile up to his ear with eyes compressed like a Chinese. If you could only imagine, I love it when he has that face on.

Going back to the snoring part…

And so I thought after the whole bed frame thing and all, they would sleep better and all of us would be happy. Sadly, I was only partly correct. They sure did sleep well at the cost of my beauty rest. Because they got elevated (because of the frame) to my level, I could hear them doing a duet of Hukkk! Chh! Khuucchkk! and the Zzzzz! If you have heard or are familiar with these sounds then good for you, you truly understand me. And you’d agree that it is annoying.  I dread hearing those sounds, but just now I realized since I’m not like them. Since it is still my vacation I have the rest of the day to relax. But not them, while I do that they worn themselves out at work. And night time is their fuel, so I must give this to them.

They say snoring is a symptom or some sort of health alert. But, right now I believe it is a sign of a great reward from a hard day’s work. Should I wake them up, I guess not, they need it and deserve it. As much as I hate it, it is their anthem. Perhaps I will just imagine how tiresome it is for people to travel far enough and be jammed in traffic daily plus 8 hours of work. And maybe, I get to say that those Hukk! Khuuckk! And Zzzz are the lyrics of my new favorite song. A revival to an old melody that used to suck everything good out of me. Yes, perhaps that would be a great idea. The anthem of a hard day’s work. Beautiful.

I love you my dear parents, sing me to sleep. ☺️

Ten Seconds is a Lot

Today is the third anniversary of my greatest literal downfall. The story that I even used for my inspirational speech just last semester. Here is the copy of my speech…
10 9 8 our lives have begun to be in precision.. 7 6 5 deadlines set becoming our new definitions 4 3 2 And 1 In an instant you either have it all or nothing at all. The pressure lingers in every nerve in our brains. Either making us totally dysfunctional or overly functioning.

Allow me to share with you the story of my greatest downfall. July 12, 2012, the day I let pressure be my master. The day I hit the ground hard.

It was during our CAT class, and we were celebrating The Birthday bash a treat for all birthday celebrators of the month. Unfortunately, I left my gift and had to ask permission to get it and was allowed only 10 seconds to do so. As my teacher began counting, i successfully found the fastest route possible, feeling like a marathon runner I sprint towards my gift and without stopping turned back to the group. Sadly, as the counting ended so did my face hit the ground. It was literally like a dream. It felt like I have slept for 12 hrs and that the instant I awoke my two front teeth were gone.

You all know I love to smile, and that permanent teeth cannot grow back. these were the dilemma I had in mind. And as the tear was about to drop I figured that I cannot cry because it would be more painful, because of the wounds. Just to give you a hint of how tragic I looked like, imagine your mother’s bursting into tears upon the sight of you. that’s the closest I could give you.

So here is the catch, a week from that day was my 16th birthday. And the week after next I would be in a Competition -thus I need my teeth. unexpectedly, On my birthday I received a replacement tooth from all of my friends. They gave me a giant tooth card.

As the days passed by I thought of the what ifs, But it already happened and it was a wake up call. In the past few days I have been in a sprint, all I ever had in mind was to finish everything on the dot. I have let everything around me be in precision, flexibility was never an option.

My dear friends, we are in that “rush hour”, and the pressure AMV has, is already our reality. But, please dont do what I did, do not let the counting eat you up. Dont inflict unnecessary damages to yoursleves. The things we do now are meant for the betterment of our future.

After those two weeks, I had a new teeth jacket I could laugh as hard as I could once again. And the competition, brought me to Hong Kong all expense paid. That’s why remember Pressure is not your master, The little things are worth it and that people are willing to fix you.