Whoever Saves One Life, Saves the World Entire


“Whoever saves one life, Saves the world entire”

This quote is perhaps the highlight of Schindler’s List. And it is quite thrilling to start my blog with something worth reading. Since it is Black Saturday might as well post something worth reflecting. Just a few minutes ago I watched this movie and it hit me. I dare not ask to witness another holocaust just to see a Schindler. Well we humans are good in nature but history has shown that this is quite doubtful. Major changes inflict us and it threaten us. It will be Easter in a few and I guess celebrating it, equipped with a new perspective is quite a starter. None of us could ever do what Jesus did and only a handful would dare be like Schindler that is why I think it’d be better to just be ourselves in an extraordinary way. We all have some sort of wealth we own and we all have that someone we consider helping. Easter is rebirth and freedom. Don’t let something beautiful pass without being left unnoticed. Share a smile and share the news. We are humans and one great being dared to offer his everything just to raise us. I am young I’ve got not much but sharing a perspective might just be my baby step to something greater! 😀 Have a Happy Easter Everyone!




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