Unknown Treasure

I just felt the need to share where I was yesterday or just a few hours ago. The sister of my godmother died, as a sign of respect we went there and showed our condolences . I really did not know who died and I was surprised to see a huge crowd in such event. Then I knew, she wasn’t just somebody, she was someone in her field, definitely someone renowned. My godmother then started to share about how she died and what see has been doing when she was still alive. I learned that she was a researcher about fisheries, marine life, etc., things too foreign from my perspective but are worth my attention especially for the fact that I am a Filipino. Because the Philippines, our country is labeled as an agricultural country BUT the greatest contributor to our GDP or whatever economic measure you have is not from agriculture, probably it would be in the “Services Part” (let’s just skip that part). It saddens me to know that such person is now gone. She is a treasure of our country. Her researches will truly be of great help; it might just be the key towards developing the things we already have – RICH MARINE LIFE. With the support from the right people everything might just be in place. Sadly I’m not from that field but I’m sure they are doing something. She was only one person, but she was able to contribute as much. I do hope that the right people knew her, people who also had the same passion and interest. And well I also hope that they were able to inspire others because we are now getting closer towards enriching God’s gift better. Again, she was just one person, who had the passion and drive to research and write about what would be essential for the future. What I’m sure of is that she is not the only one. To the greatest institutions here in our country please take good care of such kind of people, no technology or whatever could replace them. I salute and congratulate you po Ms. Merlina Andalecio. I might not have known you personally but I am very grateful for making me a proud Filipino. May you rest in peace! God will now be taking care of you!


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