Vacations: Your Euphoria of Existence

For the past few months all I have ever done was dwell in schoolwork. Wake up early, attend classes, go to organization commitments, study for upcoming quizzes, and all other activities college students are expected to do. It was routinary but extraordinarily tiring. And, ever since I could only beg. Please after all these, let me go out of town – specifically not this place, not here, any place else but here!

Finally, after three weeks of official vacation I managed to relieve myself of the thought of school. Somehow AMV engulfed me in a traumatic experience, which cannot be set into words. Perhaps you may say I’m looking for an escape but I guess this has been something that I have deprived myself of for too long, after a whirlwind of doubts being “at work”. Something they call the necessary break. That moment where you allow yourself to indulge into something familiar but now has become foreign in so many ways, that you dare not think anymore and just allow your senses to remember, how it is to know serenity.

After days of I’m not sure whether it be reflecting or overthinking, I figured that a vacation may be simply put as – a longer break. In a span of three weeks I was able to glimpse beyond the corners or our classrooms and see green pastures once more. Meet friends that I have not seen in ages, catch up with them and keep in touch once again. Go places I have not been and enjoy new perspectives not restrictive anymore. Watch movies, series, even observe people at work. Try extreme rides, rollercoasters, long drives, and a whole lot more. Not for the goal of finishing a required task pumped up by deadlines, but for the joy and euphoria of existence. Events that serve as reminders to the sleeping humanity in us.

Thank God vacations were invented! Atleast human beings learned of their humanity, believing that breaks, rests, and breathers allow one to be more effective. Just as much as we need sleep so does the need for vacations. We are living in the fastlane but that doesn’t mean that with speed we need not rest. Instead, it is the other way around, the faster we go, the greater the necessity for rest.

Go worn yourself out solving, working, busying yourself with being effective, etc. Just be certain that every once in a while you leave that chair, walk out and simply feel the air. A few minutes off would not hurt, and more especially longer breaks from months of service would be greatly appreciated by no other than, yourself.


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