Ten Seconds is a Lot

Today is the third anniversary of my greatest literal downfall. The story that I even used for my inspirational speech just last semester. Here is the copy of my speech…
10 9 8 our lives have begun to be in precision.. 7 6 5 deadlines set becoming our new definitions 4 3 2 And 1 In an instant you either have it all or nothing at all. The pressure lingers in every nerve in our brains. Either making us totally dysfunctional or overly functioning.

Allow me to share with you the story of my greatest downfall. July 12, 2012, the day I let pressure be my master. The day I hit the ground hard.

It was during our CAT class, and we were celebrating The Birthday bash a treat for all birthday celebrators of the month. Unfortunately, I left my gift and had to ask permission to get it and was allowed only 10 seconds to do so. As my teacher began counting, i successfully found the fastest route possible, feeling like a marathon runner I sprint towards my gift and without stopping turned back to the group. Sadly, as the counting ended so did my face hit the ground. It was literally like a dream. It felt like I have slept for 12 hrs and that the instant I awoke my two front teeth were gone.

You all know I love to smile, and that permanent teeth cannot grow back. these were the dilemma I had in mind. And as the tear was about to drop I figured that I cannot cry because it would be more painful, because of the wounds. Just to give you a hint of how tragic I looked like, imagine your mother’s bursting into tears upon the sight of you. that’s the closest I could give you.

So here is the catch, a week from that day was my 16th birthday. And the week after next I would be in a Competition -thus I need my teeth. unexpectedly, On my birthday I received a replacement tooth from all of my friends. They gave me a giant tooth card.

As the days passed by I thought of the what ifs, But it already happened and it was a wake up call. In the past few days I have been in a sprint, all I ever had in mind was to finish everything on the dot. I have let everything around me be in precision, flexibility was never an option.

My dear friends, we are in that “rush hour”, and the pressure AMV has, is already our reality. But, please dont do what I did, do not let the counting eat you up. Dont inflict unnecessary damages to yoursleves. The things we do now are meant for the betterment of our future.

After those two weeks, I had a new teeth jacket I could laugh as hard as I could once again. And the competition, brought me to Hong Kong all expense paid. That’s why remember Pressure is not your master, The little things are worth it and that people are willing to fix you.


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