The Anthem of a Hard Day’s Work

Have you ever heard your parents snoring? Well I did, oh no wait… I always do. Perhaps you’re wondering why, okay… It’s like this. We live in an old type of condo with a mezzanine. It has two floors and two real rooms upstairs which could be three if we wanted to put a wall in between. I have the inner most “quadrant” which I call my “room” and next to it the “middle quadrant” is my parents’ “room”. It is just one big room altogether you know. And the second real room is my brother’s.

We all sleep on a cushions or mattresses, that’s why we have three of those, somewhat like those in Japan. But recently my parents decided to buy a new bed frame. I am actually neutral about it but the thought of how much space it would take up made me go nuts, making me against it. So anyway, they did… and the people from the store assembled the bed inside the room because transfering it whole through the stairs is just impossible. Well, my dad said he bought it to ease his difficulty getting up (you know signs of aging when you reached 50+ they are always there), convincing all of us that it was a good decision. And… I might just agree with him.

One good thing about the bed frame is my border to privacy – the headboard. Let me remind you that as I have said earlier there are no walls between my room and theirs. I literally had no privacy, but now I do! But only to the extent of the head board. My dad even calls it “double headboard” ecstatically every time! His face suddenly wears a smile up to his ear with eyes compressed like a Chinese. If you could only imagine, I love it when he has that face on.

Going back to the snoring part…

And so I thought after the whole bed frame thing and all, they would sleep better and all of us would be happy. Sadly, I was only partly correct. They sure did sleep well at the cost of my beauty rest. Because they got elevated (because of the frame) to my level, I could hear them doing a duet of Hukkk! Chh! Khuucchkk! and the Zzzzz! If you have heard or are familiar with these sounds then good for you, you truly understand me. And you’d agree that it is annoying.  I dread hearing those sounds, but just now I realized since I’m not like them. Since it is still my vacation I have the rest of the day to relax. But not them, while I do that they worn themselves out at work. And night time is their fuel, so I must give this to them.

They say snoring is a symptom or some sort of health alert. But, right now I believe it is a sign of a great reward from a hard day’s work. Should I wake them up, I guess not, they need it and deserve it. As much as I hate it, it is their anthem. Perhaps I will just imagine how tiresome it is for people to travel far enough and be jammed in traffic daily plus 8 hours of work. And maybe, I get to say that those Hukk! Khuuckk! And Zzzz are the lyrics of my new favorite song. A revival to an old melody that used to suck everything good out of me. Yes, perhaps that would be a great idea. The anthem of a hard day’s work. Beautiful.

I love you my dear parents, sing me to sleep. ☺️


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