Simply Complexed

Growing up and having to see all the things that you have believed in during the duration of your existence fall apart is just incomprehensible or f*****. I mean it ruins everything. Like a building that gets destroyed in an earthquake until you’ve got nothing left to see but the ground where it used to be. It makes you lost in a momentum where nothing could lead you nowhere, not knowing whether you’re stranded or just stuck. How could things get too complicated when all we have and need is universal. Like then for food and water, which was supposed to be abundant and easily available, be scarce and limited.

How could the simple gestures of love turn into languages too foreign enough to be unknown to anyone. Everything in this world is suppose to be simple, but why, why do we complicate things so much? And why do we keep on choosing to hurt ourselves just to find things we’re looking for, that are just right there? Is growing up this complicated or has the transition of this era brought such complications.

I’m not quite sure whether everyone understands or is it just my humble opinion that about everything today has become too fragile. From the things that we daily use to our daily routines, and well most of all the relationships we have. The desire of people to make things easier leads to exhilarating complexities. I’m not saying that development should not be embraced but I guess the best thing to do is to find the balance in everything.

Unlike before, the hardware we have today easily breaks. Things have become too disposable, and sadly people too. Relationships could easily be established in a click. And well be reversed just the same. Social networking sites allow you to communicate with another person from the other side of the world in a blink of an eye. As unbelievable things are right now, so does the pace of activities get catalyzed.

I am not writing this to criticize nor ridicule nor complain but instead to state that everything happens too quickly. Fast enough to reach our innermost desires and swift enough to take away everything we cherish. And as part of the young people I am asking the elders to please guide us into surviving this era. This is a call for help, not the kind where you scold or rebuke us of our current ways or methods, but that where you show us the core of what this world is about.


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