Dangers of Distance: A Call for Celebration

Distance is a paradox. It can be a hindrance but it can also be an avenue towards far more stronger relationships. Especially when you view it on the perspective of relationships. As we drift apart from other people, yes we do get loose connections. The common consequences include not knowing every single detail on petty things or being updated on the plans of each other. By the way the relationships I am suggesting need not be romantic, may it be just friendship. Going back, oftentimes we see distance as a barrier and even an excuse to totally loosen the connection and even break the whole relationship. 
But that shouldn’t be the case, because distance can also be a tool to build and strengthen relationships. Just like in friendships, when I got separated from my high school friends because of college, each time we see each other is a celebration. Because now we get to understand that we weren’t just friends because of the convenience of seeing each other daily. We are friends because we want to and we chose to. 
Distance heals and ignites. It is like any choice we have that has two outcomes or perspectives. It has its own pros and cons. It is only up to us, whether we want it to take so much from us or give just as much.
To lay it down bluntly, don’t ever let distance narrow you down. Distance makes things more fragile and delicate. This simply shows you what matters. And that the things that matter require effort, patience, and well attention. 
Do not be limited of where you are right now. 


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