Love: As Defined by My 20 Years of Existence

In my 20 years of existence without being in a romantic relationship, but in a lot of friendships I learned much about love. I learned that love includes letting go. Letting go, even with your eyes closed because as much as it hurts you… the future and the opportunities of tomorrow are far more greater than what you could give. And in the end the only thing you could ever give is an open hand, free and liberating. Because the choice you made was out of love.

I learned that love is that openness to expose oneself to another. Bold, bare and real… no matter how messed up, how weak, nor how fragile one may be. Because love brings no judgements, it embraces everything especially flaws, shortcomings and imperfections. Love is that constant sense of completeness amid the missing pieces of oneself.
And well love is that compromise that you’d never get tired of doing. Simply because keeping that love brings about the understanding and wisdom of the moment. Specific moments where you consider not only yourself but also the beloved, for you know that it is not only about you anymore. It is about two beings who have the capacity to affect each other’s lives forever. 

As a final note though, just like what they said, “when you love you always win.” That is why I’d like to believe that if you were to make a decision do it with love. 


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