Hardwork? Hardwork!

The current state of our nation and the whole world has kept me doubting. Is hardwork still an option for today’s way of life? Is it still worth it to put in much effort given the things we have now? You can always do or even accomplish something in just one click. Look or promote something through a simple tap on a screen. Everything is right at one’s fingertips therefore is it still necessary to work hard?

For the past few months I allowed myself to partake in a challenge I am not sure whether I could bear, the responsibility to lead one of the student organizations in our college. I never thought that it would be as numbing as this. Problems hit you as fast as it arises… simultaneously. It becomes an endless cycle of stress and fulfillment. That is why as much as I love seeing people work hard for their passion, it awakened the skeptic in me. Will it all be worth it in the end? What if something goes wrong, will it be worth the pain? How does it end? Those were questions in need of concrete answers. Answers, only experiences would provide perfectly. Therefore intent will be the end of the whole skepticism. Can all be really solved by several clicks, posts, likes and shares?

Projects will not always run as planned, nor would there be perfect events. Well, in reality none of it was perfect and yet all were successful. The whole point is that if you believe in whatever it is you’re doing and you are up to the test. There is something great with whatever that is! Hardwork… will definitely cause you something painful, something unforgettable but it need not be something bitter and unpleasant. At the end of the day learning must prevail. As what I’ve learned in my HBO class learning results in a change of behavior. Such behavior may indicate how well you’ve understood the whole thing and how it could possibly change the world.

Hardwork is a trait common to people who value whatever it is that God has given them. Amid all limitations explicitly given, they dare go beyond those and hurdle things even beyond themselves. Yes, definitely our lives have become easier because of access to technology which only exists now. But that does not mean offering limited ingenuity to what you have to offer the world. Technology is a tool to facilitate communication and effort into change that we want to affect.

Hardwork is a method in which one chooses to live life to the fullest. It is the gateway towards no regrets and is the best means to attain a goal sought for.


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