Magic Words… Form Sentences

As I grow older I get to learn from anything around me. Not of things about science but of human nature. The simple reason behind the existence of magic words. Sorry, Thank You and Please. I somehow do regret that I personally forget to say those words. 

Sorry. Sorry is something you say when you did wrong. But the act of doing wrong is vague it encompasses not doing. It also encompasses overdoing something. Sorry is meant for you to communicate to someone that you acknowledge that you have done something wrong may it be  an intentional wrong or just incidental to the whole thing. Saying sorry even if it is not your fault lets you tell them that you recognize the part where you did not make things clear enough to be understood. 

Thank You. Thank you is something you say when you acknowledge the fact that something is worthwhile. It is the basic sign of gratitude you share with other people. And well, gratitude does not necessarily mean that what they did was right but sometimes thank yous are given for the wrongs that were prevented to happen in the process. Thank you is that part of yourself that you share with other people telling them that they have done something to you that made you better.

Please. Please is that humble gesture of asking a favor. It is often for the fact that in what they would be giving or doing, someone would be benefitting it. The magic of which lies in the humility of the person in acknowledging ones help, because something cannot always be done by one alone.

The funny thing about these magic words is that we don’t notice how complete each of it is. These words in it are sentences, complete and enough.


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